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XRdecisions develops the most advanced tailor-made VR decision making simulators for reducing medical errors and saving lives

Let Your Data Take Your Department to Higher Grounds

The simulator detects and reviews errors and biases of medical doctors and interns and provides to the user in real time a valuable feedback report. An executive report is being produced for managers. 

The Process

The process takes minutes but results in a detailed report with remediation suggestions that transform the quality of future decisions.


Did you know?

Medical errors are one of the leading causes of deaths in the world, responsible for more than 400,000 deaths and $37 billion in financial losses annually in the U.S. alone.


XRdecisions enables medical providers to reduce errors in medical decisions, using cutting edge technology.  

Blue Background

The platform currently focuses on cardiovascular ICU decisions where errors are intolerable, but is also developing with the input of leading medical experts, simulations and scenarios in a multitude of specializations and sub-specialization in response to the growing need of hospitals, and medical schools, to significantly reduce human errors in intensive care units.


Another promising version of the simulator is being developed for nurses.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Doctors and Interns in hospitals




Years of academic research


Individual and group reports

The Management team 

Prof. Alex Mintz,  CEO & Founder

Former Provost & Director of the  Computerized Decision-making Lab  at Reichman University

Prof. Pierre Singer, Chief Medical Officer

Professor of Anesthesia and Intensive Care at the Sackler school of medicine, Tel Aviv University, head of the Institute of Nutrition Research (2006-present) at Rabin Medical Center.

Mr. Lior Gefen

Director of Operations

Mr. Yuval Bar

VP Sales

Contact Us


Email: I Tel. +972-52-2227697 I 

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